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Jan. 9TH, 2016  5P- TILL ????


      It has been brought to my attention that the mission of the Eastern Shore Cruisers and the Cruise in held the 2nd Saturday evening has come into question.  I would like to clarify a few things pertaining to these matters.


  1. The Eastern Shore Cruisers is NOT a club.  Anyone who attends the cruise in is an Eastern Shore Cruiser.  We are not affiliated with any clubs; however, any club is welcome to come out and show off their Rides, no matter what it is.  The ESC name was formed so that I had a “NAME” for a website to help promote the cruise in as well as other clubs events and pass the word of auto related info to the masses local and non local.
  2. We are fortunate to have had the Eastern Shore Centre and Dillard’s allow us to hold our cruise in and even has the area roped off for the cruisers as to not have cars driving through the show area.  All they ask of us is to:
    1. NOT leave trash in the parking lot
    2. When in the lot, do not drive reckless, speeding, burn outs, racing, ect.  Note: the Spanish Fort Police do hang around and have given tickets.
  1. In a way to help promote the Auto hobby on the Eastern Shore, I have developed this Website ( www.easternshorecruisers.com) with loads of info, pictures and contacts as well as a Facebook page (Eastern Shore Cruisers).  If you have anything to add to either of these, please feel free to do so, but please make these:
    1. Auto Related
    2. Non Political
    3. Family Friendly



Thank ALL of you for the support over the last 12 years and I hope that we can continue the Eastern Shore Cruise In for several more..


Fred Minke



Spanish Fort, AL
ph: 251-709-5900
alt: fredminke@yahoo.com

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Spanish Fort, AL
ph: 251-709-5900
alt: fredminke@yahoo.com